For example:

                                            ART MATRIX - LIGHTLINK
                                            PO 880 Ithaca, NY 14851-0880
                                            (607) 277-0959      Voice
                                            (607) 277-8913      Fax
                                            03/12/99 10:25pm

     Please take a moment to understand passwords at Lightlink in order
to enhance your Lightlink experience.

     Each user has a MASTER password which controls all services on
Lightlink.  This password is the original password you were given when
your account was created, and you may use this password to access your
dialup, e-mail, web, ftp and shell services if your account is enabled
for them.

     With this master password you can change the master password
itself, and you can also change the individual passwords for each of
the services listed above IF YOU WISH.
     This allows you for example to hand out your web password to your
web builder but keep your dialup and e-mail passwords to yourself.

     We have three broad types of accounts, full, telnet and pop, and
each has differing access to the five services listed above.  An
e-mail only account for example does not have access to shell, web,
dialup or ftp.

     Here is a table of the 3 account types and what services they have
access to.

     Full     Telnet    Pop        Account Type
     Master   Master    Master
     E-mail   E-mail    E-mail
     Web      Web
     FTP      FTP
     Shell    Shell

     As it shows, all account types have a master password which they
can use to change the passwords of the services that account has
access to.

     To change a password go to USER AREA on our main home page at and hit on Change Passwords.

     Enter your username and master password and hit the submit
button, this will allow you into the User Maintenance Gateway which
will display the various user functions that are available to you.

     Choose 'Change Passwords'.

     Here you will be prompted for a new password for each of the
services you are enabled for.

     You must type in the new password twice as it shows up as stars
when you type it in and we need to know that you typed it right.

     If you leave a password entry blank, that password will not be

     If you add passwords to the ALL line, then all passwords on will
be changed to the one you type in.  This is a convenience in case you
wish to make all your passwords the same.

     If you put a password in the ALL entry, and also in the WEB
entry, first all your passwords will be changed to the ALL value, and
then then your WEB password will be changed to the WEB entry.

     Password changes take place almost immediately, but give them a
minute to propagate.

     There are some rules that you must follow in entering new
passwords.  Passwords that do not fit the rules will be rejected and
will result in an error.

     1.) Passwords must be 8 charcters long, no more and no less.
     2.) Passwords must contain at least 3 numbers or special characters.
     3.) Passwords must not have any spaces in them.

     Thank you for choosing Lightlink Internet.