For example:

                                            ART MATRIX - LIGHTLINK
                                            PO 880 Ithaca, NY 14851-0880
                                            (607) 277-0959      Voice
                                            (607) 277-8913      Fax
                                            (607) 277-5026      Modems
                                            12/21/99 2:08pm
     Please take a moment to understand the Lightlink User Maintenance
Gateway to enhance your internet experience.

     All users on lightlink have a lightlink account and some may also
have virtual domains.

     For example I have a lightlink account named 'homer', and an
e-mail address '' which is delivered to my real
e-mail box named 'homer'.
     'homer' is also called a pop user name, and the pop server is

     I also have a virtual domain '', and many virtual
e-mail addresses like '' or '' or
even ''.  These virtual e-mail addresses are not
e-mail boxes in themselves, but are *FORWARDED* to my real e-mail box
named 'homer'.

     Virtual domains allow users to create virtual e-mail addresses
like '' but DO NOT give users real e-mail boxes.
Virtual domains do however allow virtual e-mail addreses to be
forwarded to real e-mail boxes either on Lightlink or any other system
in the world.  You can do this once you enter the User Maintenance

     Once a domain has been created and paid for, virtual e-mail
addresses are free and unlimited.  Real e-mail boxes on Lightlink are
$5/month each or $50/year.  Often users will forward their virtual
e-mail addresses to real e-mail boxes on hotmail or yahoo or even
another ISP, this saves them from having to pay for another pop e-mail
box on our system if they already have one somewhere else.

     The User Maintenance Gateway allows a user to change a number of
things related to their account, including passwords, state of their
shell account, and virtual domain forwarding.  It also allows a user
to view their disk space usage, time on line, web hit statistics,
referers and referees, among other things.

     In order to gain access to the User Maintenance Gateway, the user
must enter a valid account name like 'homer' or a valid virtual domain
like '', and the master password for the account.  If the
user enters a virtual domain, it will be looked up to find the account
that owns it, and that account will be allowed to enter.  So if I
enter the system will find out that is
owned by the account 'homer', and will verify the password that I
enter against homer's master password.

     The account that is authentication is displayed at the top of
each page.

     Because the UMG is a unified entranceway to many different user
functions, it is possible to move between functions with out having to
enter your username and password every time.  However it is VERY
important that once you are done that you click on the LOGOUT link so
that your work can not be accessed by another if they find your
browser soon after you are done using it.
     This is most important if you are using browsers in public places
to access your account.  The log out button renders the pages you were
just using inoperable until you sign in again.
     Homer and Jane