A full time position that utilizes my experience with data management, SQL query design, web programming and report design.


I worked for 11 years at IBM as programmer and software debugger, which developed strong analytical and problem solving skills. After a hiatus to raise a family, I attended Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3) to update my programming skills. I have completed, with honors, classes in advanced database design, C++, and Java. I earned an Associate's Degree in Computer Information Systems. I currently work as data and report analyst using Microsoft's SQL Server and Access database software and have been in this position for 5 years. I write SQL queries to extract data, apply filters and pivot tables to transform data, and produce summaries so trends can be analyzed. I create advanced reports using Excel and Crystal Reports to present complex data in an organized, attractive and easy to digest format. I routinely program VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) macros from Excel to automate reports for improved accuracy and efficiency. I am entertained every time to watch one of my routines thrum through a massive set of data, organizing records and producing polished results.

My previous job was as research assistant in the Applied Economics & Management Department at Cornell University. Duties included data management, updates to the department's web sites and other administrative duties as assigned. I programmed new features into the previous version of the LEEDR (Lab for Experimental Economics and Decision Research) web site using PHP and a MySQL database. Programming improvements I authored included:

  • Modifying query to allow users to sign into a certain group of experiments only once.
  • Creating a routine to calculate the minimum coins and small bills needed for payments.
I was at this position for 5 years, working part time while also attending TC3. I have returned twice since leaving to work on a contract basis to assist with research, updating datasets that I had worked on in the past. I take pride in my work and it felt good revisit past duties and to help out.

My job history and responsibilities can be viewed on my resume page. The courses I have completed at TC3 can be seen on my transcript page. My passion for knowledge continues to grow. I collect training manuals and am constantly learning something new. I have programmed using PHP and MySQL, ASP.NET and C-Sharp. Additional skills include image manipulation using Photoshop and The Gimp drawing software. Some experimental projects that I have been tryng, including JQuery and SVG Vector Graphics can be viewed on on my Gallery.

I have proven, well established experience working as a programmer and as a data analyst, I enjoy the analytical and problem solving aspects of writing code and creating queries. My technical skills have been honed and polished and I have a proven track record that I am happy to demonstrate.

Additional skills and experience:

  • An ability to communicate complex information clearly. Excel provides many useful tools to display data, including charts and pivot tables. Macros help automate routine tasks to make reporting more efficient.
  • A high degree of organization. I am able to quickly locate information that may have been last referenced long ago.
  • A confidence in the accuracy of calculations and data. Creating measurements and tests is important to verify the accuracy and completeness of data. Building a strong test environment is critical to any software project.
  • Process management to improve and promote efficiency. I manage tasks, set priorities and communicate with coworkers to ensure timely completion of projects.
  • Open Communication and Shared Knowledge. It is important to create reproducible processes and written tutorials. I believe in written communication as a means to remember details, share information and organize thoughts.

This has been a brief introduction to my work history. Feel free to contact me via mailto: