To Whom it May Concern,
WOTN is currently in a dormant state. Subscriptions to the online risk management solution WOTNTRDRŽ are no longer available. WOTN is seeking capital to bring its product back online to serve the CMBS community. Demonstration of WOTNTRDRŽ is by appointment. Interested parties may contact us at

Model Attributes and Functionality

  • Powered by Trepp
  • Comprehensive Risk and Portfolio Management System
  • Entire CMBS Universe
  • Loan Level Basel II Values (PD, PP, LGD, etc.) and Risk Ratings on Demand
  • CMBS OAS and other risk management values
  • Formal Backtesting over 6yrs for Loans and 4 yrs Bonds (see Technical Paper)
  • Current Delinquency Status Incorporated in Reduced Form Model
  • Functionality Updates: CTL adjustment, Loan Override/Shadow Deals; Trade Idea Simulator

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